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Connecting Businesses Across Asia Under Belt and Road Initiative

Taking place on the 21st of October 2016, Alpha Asia 2016 is focused on connecting businesses and individuals to opportunities under China’s Belt and Road Initiative. With more than 400 companies taking part since 2012, Alpha Asia has connected individuals and companies from more than 20 countries. Headlined by our speakers topics that will be covered include:

Economic forecast on 2017 and Beyond
What would the future bring? Join us in listening to our investment gurus, highlighted by our Keynote Speaker, Mr. Jim Rogers, in sharing with us the economic outlook for Asia in 2017 and beyond. Learn how events like Belt and Road Initiative, Brexit, and potential interest rates increase affects individuals, organisations and businesses alike.

Belt and Road Initiative
Understand how the Belt and Road Initiative can increase collaboration amongst businesses and organisations across Asia. With information shared by representatives from China, gain valuable insight about how Belt and Road are creating business opportunities all across the globe.

Technology Advances and How it Impacts Businesses
Having an understanding of how new technology affects the economic, social, and physical aspects of our environment is imperative for the ongoing success of businesses. Learn how new technology are shaping the future, and how to take advantage of these trends.

Investment Opportunities

Business Opportunities

Financing Opportunities

With HNWIs, investment and banking professionals, business owners, and organisations attending the event, the potential for investment, business and financing opportunities are endless!

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